Please Don’t Make Me Go….

Okay this isn’t so much a Daily Inspiration as it is a Daily Rant…..

This is my life in the office. Well, except for the hairstyles and clothes. I’m so looking forward to the day I can give up the daily grind and quit my job. You know, the day that I can make a living off my writing. Hey, it could happen! And it’s incentive to keep up the editing. I received my first crit and it was, on the whole, positive, except she said that my heroine was a little pathetic in the way she had put her dreams aside to help her husband out as he climbed the ladder at the college where he was a professor. Lots of women do that. At least mine smartened up and left it behind.

It’s actually good to do this editing. but I have a looooong way to go!


3 thoughts on “Please Don’t Make Me Go….

  1. Here’s wishing for all of us we can start making enough on our writing we can tell a difference! I’m fortunate in that my “day job” is LASR (other than what I do with Bob in our business). I’m so glad I don’t have to “go out” to work.

  2. I hope daily that soon I’ll make money from my writing, but some days I wish I had a job where I received a weekly or monthly paycheck. Good luck on your editing, Ceri!

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