Officially Outed And A Word Of Warning

Yesterday my boss, the CEO of the company came up to me and congratulated me on my upcoming book. He also asked if he could mention it during our company wide quarterly meeting that afternoon. I said sure, why not. After all, a lot of people already knew.

After the looooooong Powerpoint meeting I was expecting just a quick mention but he actually had made it a part of the Powerpoint, complete with picture of the cover of Sweet Forever and the places it’s available. Okay, I wanted to die, but this is good. And our editor in chief mentioned where else they could find the book. I guess I have a good group of supportive people there.

Which leads me to my next thang…. watch the names you use in your stories. Okay, I never deliberately used a name to represent someone I know in real life, in fact I really don’t base my characters on people I know. That being said, I sometimes use last names of people I know because they seem to fit or are different or might fit into the region in which I’m writing. I’ve done that in Sweet Forever, using the last name of a coworker, and I did that in Where One Road Leads….. I used my CEO’s last name. Unfortunately I used it on a character who, while isn’t a villan in the story, isnt’ exactly a nice person. Ooops. Not a good choice.

And I was going to write a story using something that happened here last year in my town, the attempted murder of two people by an estranged husband. What was I thinking? Anyone of my friends reading it would know exactly who I was “basing” this on.

I’m wiser now. I just hope that no one picks up on the CEO’s last name.

Today is our adventure driving down to Logan Airport.

Pray for us.


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