CONGRATULATIONS TO DENA!! The winner of a signed copy of Sweet Forever!

And thank you to everyone who stopped by and played the game. It was a lot of fun and I’m glad everyone enjoyed the excerpts. There’ll be another contest in late May when my book Where One Road Leads comes out in print.

In other news….. its snowing. Again. We’re supposed to get 5-10 inches. Joy. I’m dreading the spring when all this snow melts. Last year we had some big time flooding. Looks like that’ll be a possibility for this year as well. At least tomorrow looks good for our trip to Boston. My DH thinks it’s an adventure. Yeah, right. And my oldest, Paige is off to the New Hampshire Special Olympics Winter Games. GO PAIGE! She’s a snowshoer.

Been working hard on edits for Dreamer’s Sea. I’m so looking forward to submitting it somewhere. And I’m itching to continue Where I’ll Stay, which is the sequel to Sweet Forever. I’m definitely ready to quit my day job in favor of writing all day.

My arm has been feeling much much better though I’ve been using a heating pad a lot. Thanks to everyone for your concern.

And big news!! I have a new website!!! I just signed up yesterday for a real honest to Gosh site of my own. It’s under construction right now so its kind of bare, but go check it out at

Okay, off I go. Must make breakfast. I have a full day of work ahead of me.


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