Sunday…My One Day Off

And I have to head back to Boston. It shouldn’t be too bad, traffic wise and yesterday’s snow storm has gone. I’m sure the roads will be fine. I’ll just be happy not to have to do that drive again for a while. Tomorrow school will be back in session and life will be back to normal.

My father in law is back in the hospital. He spent nearly a month in the hospital after having surgery to remove some of his colon due to cancer. He was home less than a week and now he’s back in. So any thoughts and prayers sent his way would be appreciated. Thanks!

Have you checked out my new website?
It’s not close to being done but I have a guestbook. Leave a message and let me know that you’ve been there.

I’m in the mood to write! I’ve got my sequel to Sweet Forever on my mind, but first I have to do my editing like a good doobee so I can get Dreamer’s Sea out there for all to see.

Still, I have to post my Daily Inspiration. It’s not necessarily the video but the song that is the theme song for my heroine to the SF sequel. Here’s looking at you, Jaycie!


2 thoughts on “Sunday…My One Day Off

  1. How can you NOT love George Strait?Your site looks great! Front Page is what I use (for now… I’m actually planning a move to straight HTML since Microsoft has discontinued FP), so let me know if you need any help.Have a safe drive!

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