Monday Morning Blues

Did I have a day off or was it just my imagination? Because I don’t think I had a day off.

The trip to Boston went without any major headaches. We had to do a little “Boston” driving though… meaning we had to make a last minute lane change that I wouldn’t normally do in the quiet roads up north, but the guy in the Beemer behind us didn’t seem to care. There was lots and lots of traffic, but we returned to New Hampshire unscathed and celebrated by eating lots of good Chinese food.

We have news on my father in law. He should be home Tuesday. Apparently all he needed was to have his meds adjusted. He’s a diabetic and with everything else that’s going on, they were making him ill. So he’s on the road to recovery again. Big relief!

Kids are back in school this week. I’m down one until tomorrow afternoon. My oldest is up running around in snowshoes in Waterville Valley, NH competing in the NH Special Olympic winter games. GOOD LUCK PAIGE!!

So, life returns to normal here in the Hebert household.


3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. Hey again. I guess I’m just putting off my own edits, but no matter. It’s nice to jump around the net and “visit” with fellow authors and readers. Your blog looks beautiful. Love the picture at the top. 🙂 I will pray for your FIL, for a full and quick recovery. Have a great week, and may your snow melt quickly.

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