Yeah, great….

Normally my DH wouldn’t see my blog. There’s nothing of interest to him. No biggie. But he’s become my webmaster and I asked him to put my book covers on my blog.

So, now he knows I’m in lust with James Tupper.

Oh well, he has a thing for Daisy Fuentes so I guess we’re even.

I’m just glad that he’s been working so hard on my website. Still have a long way to go but it’s getting more and more professional looking. Thank goodness he has a clue about how to do it because I’d still be stuck with a blank page.

Anyway, got some writing/editing done over the weekend. Never enough though, but I tend to do better during the week. So pray for me.

And now for a little Blake Shelton.


One thought on “Yeah, great….

  1. That’s so cool your husband is talented enough to do your website – I love it. Plus you’re saving so much money this way. My husband knows less than I do about computer stuff and I know little. LOL

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