So Much To Write…

And not enough time to do it.

I’ve been trying to get through my edits but haven’t even finished with chapter one yet. Man, this is going to be one long job. I need an entire day of just this. I’m very eager to move onto the next project, find an agent and edit another first draft I have. I believe I have an awesome Harlequin Blaze that needs TLC. But it’s third on my list with the chance of being bumped if I find another project I want to work on.

I need three of me.

My name is evidently getting around town. A coworker does a lot with the PTA and they’re organizing a silent auction. She got an email of potential donors of items and my name was on it. But they want kids books, not steamy romances. Still…. it’s kind of cool that I’m on someone’s mind.

I was going to find a really good video to post but I have dishes to do.

So much for editing.


2 thoughts on “So Much To Write…

  1. Good heavens, put the Blaze first and get it submitted! Those things take a year or more, so while you’re waiting to hear, then you can work on the other stuff.Just my .02, FWIW.And, yeah, I hear you about time.

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