Taking The Leap

This morning I applied for a First Time Homebuyers loan. We’ve lived in the same apartment for the past 8 years. And before that we lived in an apartment. And before that… well you get the picture. I’m ready for my own home. We’re outgrowing our living space and it’s no fun dealing with the parking (though neighbors from heck are gone and the new ones are a dream thus far). I just want to pay for a place knowing that some day it could be mine all mine. Have one in mind (though it looks like it’s going to need lots of work-as long as it’s just cosmetic work and nothing is majorly wrong with it, I’m not afraid) and it’s still in the town I’m in now and it’s just a few doors down from the town playground/pool/rec center so the kids will have easy access to it. Just have to get prequalified.

I feel like I’ve stepped off a cliff and I’ll either fall onto fluffy pillows or land on jagged razor sharp rocks.

I started (or restarted) edits for That Kind Of Magic, my Blaze hopeful. I’m not having a good time with it. I have to take a scene and break it up so it happens over the course of several nights instead of just one and it’s not easy. But I’ll keep trying. I really like the story and it has lots of potential, just have to concentrate on it. I’m looking forward to sending it off to the big bad world. If I had guts I’d send a query now for it, but I’ve done that before, queried before the manuscript was finished and surprise surprise, got a request for a full. Not a good idea. I had to rush through it and it looked rushed.

Okay, today… a love song.


3 thoughts on “Taking The Leap

  1. Hope you get the loan and can move!I did the same thing. I had half my book finished and expected to wait several weeks from the agent. I figured I’d have it completed by the time she requested more. After she read the first chapter, she requested a full within days. She ended up rejecting it but the good news, it forced me to get it done faster. At least you are writing, I haven’t started a new book yet. Pretty sad.

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