Oh, You Gotta Be Kidding Me

Snow. More snow. Enough snow to possibly break our all time snowfall record. I believe it.

Enough snow so school is canceled today. The kids won’t be pleased. Yes, I said that. Two of them have after school things going on and my oldest is just crazy about school. There’s no place she’d rather be.

Got some more editing done on my HQ Blaze and have just added back in a very steamy Blaze-worthy scene but it’s put me over the maximum word count so I’m going to have to do some trimming. Not as much as Dreamer’s Sea, but enough. I just have to remind myself not to add anymore unless I take some away. I’m glad I’ve made some progress.

I’ve been looking for pictures for my book trailer and have been having problems finding someone to represent Ben, my hero from Sweet Forever. I wonder if George Canyon would let me use a picture of him. He’s the model for he character and there is no substitute. It’ll be the same when it comes time for a trailer for Dreamer’s Sea (I’m staying positive). I’ll need James Tupper for that role. He (physically) is Jonas.

A reminder! There are still two more days of author interviews over at Diane Craver’s blog. Yesterday she interviewed Allie Boniface, today she talks to Diana Castilleja and tomorrow it’ll be me.

Got some videos. Can’t resist George Canyon…

Or James Tupper… aka Jack (and Marin too)

There, that’s better….


2 thoughts on “Oh, You Gotta Be Kidding Me

  1. I don’t always use faces in my book trailers for that reason…also, it’s expensive to buy pictures, so I try to keep to the free (royalty free) ones. Neither of my current trailers have people in them. One has the arm of someone, but that’s it.Good luck on your Blaze, and YEAH–what’s up with the SNOW??????

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