HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!! and other things

I spent my day painting at my mom’s house. I hurt. I was responsible for the trim and I’ve discovered that sitting on the floor for any length of time really doesn’t feel great. We need to do another coat I think. Oh, and get ready for the yard sale next Saturday. And shop for a dress for DD’s school concert this week. I’m going nuts later this week and taking 4 days off from work. Crazy!! I can’t wait!

I’m pretty psyched. I haven’t posted in a while so I haven’t been able to share the news that my author copies of Where One Road Leads came in this week. I was SO EXCITED!! They look awesome! And Marianne and Judy, just wanted to let you know that they put your review in it along with Mrs. Giggles, so it looks like Samhain is giving LASR some exposure!

And the cherry on top was that I found Sweet Fover on the shelves of my local bookstore. In at least 2 different spots. Nice to see my name up there with all the top names in writing. I’m very excited. I just wish the local Borders would carry it.

So, if anyone out there goes to a Borders or Barnes and Noble can you check to see if I’m there?


And off I go.


3 thoughts on “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!! and other things

  1. That’s wonderful you got your books. I’ll look for your Sweet Forever when I go to our Borders. And that’s great you saw your books in an actual bookstore. I haven’t seen mine yet.

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