Is It Saturday Yet?

Alright, I’m already sick of this week. Just thinking of what needs to be done this week, makes me want to hit a fast forward button and get it over with. I’m taking yet another day off on Saturday. We were going to Six Flags but it’s supposed to be in the 90’s and neither my DH or I want to be outside at an amusement park in that sweltering heat. So we’re going to do a movie instead.

Amid all the distraction, I managed to get the new synopsis finished. Just have to go in and polish it. I have my three chapters cleaned up so this week I should be able to get it sent out (if I can find another international reply coupon) and let the 5 months begin! Then I can turn my attention back to Dreamer’s Sea.

That is if I can concentrate. My husband injured himself at work last week, did something to his wrist so he’s out of work for a bit. I hope it’s a quick thing because even though it falls under workers comp his company doesn’t pay him for missed time until after he misses 5 days. That’s a long time to go without a paycheck. Besides, things get crazy when he’s home.

Well, off I go.


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