Contests, good shows and other things

Yes, I said I was going to have a contest and here it is!

I’m giving away a free autographed copy of Where One Road Leads and it couldn’t be easier to win. All you need to do is to go to my new website It’s All About The Romance, check it out and leave a message in my guestbook and you’ll be entered to win. I’ll announce the winner on Saturday. So go on and enter!
I’m very pleased to announce that my three chapters of That Kind Of Magic is off and away to Canada. Now I have to wait, but I’ve already plunged back into editing of Dreamer’s Sea. Did I mention how much I hate editing? I submitted several chapters to my crit group before taking a break and working on TKOM. I don’t know if I should pick up where I left off and send more in or go it alone. I love the input from the group, but it’s such a loooong project and with the length of this particular manuscript I’d be submitting chapters for months. If I go it on my own I may miss areas that need fixing, but I could get through it faster. Then again, I may be able to do just fine on our own.
There’s not much on tv these days. That’s great for my writing but I’m very sad. We lost a completely awesome show this past week thanks to the poor treatment by ABC (long hiatuses while bad shows were playing, being moved from time slot to time slot 6 times in 2 seasons…. the writers strike). Men In Trees was still awesome and had such a loyal following and now we’re all sad. I wish the cast well and thank them for some of the best tv on tv. I’ll miss Elmo and all the Elmoians.

Here’s one of my favorite videos from the show. Jack and Marin are awesome and Jack 9aka James Tupper)is so handsome. He’s my model for my hero in Dreamer’s Sea.

Now I have to get back to editing. Remember to get on over to my website and leave a comment and you may win an autographed copy of Where One Road Leads!


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