Yeah, I’m Still Alive

But I’ve had a very busy week. It was actually the first week of the kids’ summer vacation. I took advantage of the fact that I didn’t have to get them up early and went into work an half an hour early every morning. It’s starting to get busy at work, one of my busiest times of the year, so I’m trying to keep ahead of the rush.

Also we’ve been waiting for a last minute notification that we’ll have to head down to Boston to the airport for my stepdaughter’s flight down to her mom. Oh, what a joy. After 2 false alarms, I think we FINALLY have our date, July 4th. Of course we’ll have to leave home around 3am. The flight leaves at 530am. The only two good things are that we’ll miss the traffic and I don’t have to work Friday so I’ll be able to go back to bed when we get home. Unless the biomom yanks us around (again). Sorry, I won’t go there. Oh, yeah. Our rent is about to go up. Again. Thanks to the cost of heating oil. I’m seriously thinking it’s time to buy a house. We’re paying more in rent than we could in a mortgage. We just have to buckle down and stop the spending on the unnecessaries.


In other news, I’ve gotten a lot of editing done on Dreamer’s Sea, which is good. I’m worried about my heroine, that she’s going to be too wishy washy over her feelings for the hero. I’ve also been looking at agents, think I have a few picked out. Do I dare query an agent before I have the entire manuscript edited? I have the first three chapters pretty clean, but the majority isn’t. If I work real hard I’m sure I can have it done in a few months which may be just fine if it takes a few months to hear back from a query. I really just want to get the ball rolling. Motivation, maybe?


Borrowed from Marianne’s Blog: What am I reading: The White Mare’s Daughter by Judith Tarr. It’s a “historical fantasy” set (I believe) in Europe around 4500BC. It’s a long, but really good book, although it took me about 3 starts to really get into it. What I’m writing: Basically just concentrating on my edits of Dreamer’s Sea although when I can’t do that I’ve been writing bits and pieces of my sequel to Sweet Forever. Oh, and I’ve got another story idea in mind and that just drives me crazy because I have MORE than enough to work on!! But still, I’ve been jotting down notes because I’d hate to lose the idea.


In case I don’t get a chance to post again this week, HAPPY 4TH OF JULY ALL!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Yeah, I’m Still Alive

  1. Agents respond pretty quickly nowadays… I’d wait ’til you have a full to show them. Just in case…Aren’t you supposed to be at the airport 2 hours before your flight anymore? Ugh. Boston.Good luck!

  2. Hope you can get a house soon! Good luck on the airport trip. Yuck – 3 a.m. Also hope the editing goes well. You are a busy gal. Hope you have a Happy 4th! You are in my prayers.

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