Not Lovin It

I’ve been editing as much as I can and I gotta say I’m getting the blues. I’m just not feeling the story right now. I’m not feeling the romance and I’m just plain tired of the story. Oh, I still think it’s a good story and I think it’ll sell, but I just don’t want to look at it right now. I want to work on another couple, a couple wiht a little more fire than Sarah & Jonas have (Dreamer’s Sea is a fairly tame romance)

And to make matters worse, I have another story that’s been poking at me (like an annoying little child who can’t take no for an answer).

I need my willpower. I need to be strong and stay the course and get this story ready to go to an editor.

Please someone smack me upside the head to get me back on track.


Maybe this’ll get me in the mood….


2 thoughts on “Not Lovin It

  1. I’m so bad… I keep thinking maybe you should take a break. If you don’t like what you’re reading, are you going to be effective?But, I can smack you upside the head, too, if you want.*G*

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