Writing Funk

Yeah, nothing has changed since last night. I keep telling myself that if I just push through a little more I’ll get more into the story, and this should be a hint to me that maybe something is lacking in the story and I need to fix it.

Later. Right now I’m reading over what I have done on my Sweet Forever sequel. If anything, it’ll at least give me a break for a day. And this is a “safe” manuscript because it’s my next big project. I know I have to stay away from anything new (no matter how much it’s digging at me lately).

Well tomorrow early early we’re heading to Boston to Logan for my stepdaughter’s flight. She leaves at 5:30am. We’re hearing mixed opinions on the drive down. After all, it is 4th of July. I’ve heard that there won’t be any traffic that early to worry about. No one is going to be traveling into the city for the festivities THAT early. We should be in and out before people are on the road. My DH, however, heard that people will be coming into the city early so they can get their spots picked out for the fireworks etc so it could be just as snarly.

I just want it over with. Driving to Boston, to me, is no treat. And to have to leave at 2:30am is just plain cruel. But then again, the biomom did book the ticket…. oh, did I just say that????? Oops.


What Am I Reading~Still White Mare’s Daughter. It’s very interesting. The good guy is in a position to be a very bad guy. I’m interested to see what he decides to do.

What Am I Writing~Well, I think I already maintained that I’m not doing what I should be doing. I only touched the editing yesterday (but I had so many errands yesterday that I didn’t get a chance to do much) and now I’ve got “Where I’ll Stay” open. That’s the sequel to Sweet Forever.


On a serious and sad note, please everyone say a prayer for Brooke Bennett and her family today. She’s the girl from Vermont who went missing last week. That prompted me to put up the Amber Alert on my blog. They found her body yesterday. As a mother of a 12 year old (not that being a parent should be the only requirement), this scares the heck out of me. I hope that justice is served in this tragedy and that she’s safe now.


4 thoughts on “Writing Funk

  1. I heard the tragic news about Brooke Bennett yesterday. Very sad this happened to her.I hope there isn’t any traffic and geez, that’s cruel you have to go so early to the airport and on your day off of work.

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