We’re Outta The Woods…

I’m hearing a Wizard of Oz song in my head…. when Dorothy and Co. come out of the woods and they can see the Emerald City. I think I’ve finally come out of my funk and can get back to some good editing.

Of course didn’t Dorothy get knee-deep in poppies that knocked her right out? Dang. Maybe I need a new comparison.

Anyway, I got some crits on my chapter 1 so I have something new to work with. I DO want this manuscript done, completely, so I can get it sent out.

So, after work today I’ll be getting back to what’s important.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I actually had THREE WHOLE DAYS OFF! It was incredible. The drive to the airport went well. It was hard getting up at 130am but the trade off was well worth it. Traffic was nearly non existent. We had to deal with rain, but that’s okay. Rain is better than traffic in Boston. I’d do that again!

Back to work today. Yippeeee. Must remember my mp3 player!!!!! It’s a long day without music.


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