What was that? What did I say?

Funny, I thought I’d said I was going to get back to edits on Dreamer’s Sea. Well, no, that didn’t happen. Spent the weekend being sick. Couldn’t even manage more than a few hours at work on Saturday. So I spent the rest of the weekend pretty much sleeping it off. Don’t know where it came from, but it was a very nice little bug.

Now it’s Monday I’m ready to go back to work. Got the editing started already. I’m being a good doobee and cutting out chunks of backstory. I really hope that this’ll be the last time I’ll have to revise chapters 1-3. I’m still getting mixed replies about backstory. A friend of mine, who is a reader not a writer, says she really likes backstory, it gives her a better understanding of the character. She asked a group, some writers and some not. The writers said go light on the backstory but the readers said they liked it. Maybe not as much as I put in, but they definitely liked some.

So, it’s a fine line. I’m going to be cautious though and cut more than I’d like to cut.

Fingers crossed! I’m hoping to hear from the real estate agent to go look at the house. Of course I’m afraid to apply for the loan. *apply chicken noises*. Are we really ready for such a step???????? Maybe we should look for something smaller and less expensive (though this house is pretty inexpensive). Oh, the doubts! But I really want to give my kids a house. And if it helps, there’s a den that could be my office. Maybe that would help with taxes (anyone?). After all, I’ve been craving my own private writing space forever!

Uhoh… someone is awake.

That means it’s time to get back to writing.


2 thoughts on “What was that? What did I say?

  1. Sorry you were sick…As a reader, I don’t like much backstory, unless it’s dribbled in over time.And, Concord is fairly close to here. We really need to get together.

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