I’m In Love… And Heartbroken

Because the house I want is under contract and not with me. I know that it doesn’t want to belong to anyone else but my family. Really. I can sense it.

I made the mistake of going to look at it. Just makes me want it more.

Okay, so it’s not a mansion. It’s not perfect, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles. The yard is a complete disaster. It’s going to take a back hoe to get it fixed up, but there are such beautiful flowers and my mom is dying to get her hands into them. Lots of ragweed and lots of (Marianne you’ll appreciate this) of milkweed.

The inside would take ages to paint and fix up, but its all cosmetic stuff for the most part. There’s three stair cases from the first floor to the second, there’s rooms all over the place (house was built in 1900). Every where you turn there’s a different room. A person could get lost. And the kids could have their own parts of the house. And there’s a perfect little office just for me.

And most likely it’s going to belong to someone else.

Life is just so unfair!

Here is MY house

And here it is again…

See how much it needs me??

Tomorrow I plan on doing lots of writing.

Tonight I plan on crashing.


2 thoughts on “I’m In Love… And Heartbroken

  1. I’m so sorry, Ceri. It’s a beautiful house.Is the contract dependent on the buyers needing to sell their house first? Probably not. We have a contract on a house but we need to sell our house first. No one has even looked at our house yet and we put it on the market in June.

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