Half Way There And One More Day To Go

Yes, school is back in session tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it with mixed feelings. On one hand I’ve been really enjoying the fact that I don’t have to wake anyone up in the morning. They can get up when they want, which gives me much peace and quiet in the mornings and it means I can go into work early so I can get out early. And they’ve reached the age where they can take over some of the chores that I’ve had to get done in the morning before work.

But now I have to get them up and make sure they have lunches, have to share the bathroom and make sure they’re out the door on time. My quiet is shaved down considerably. And I have to go in to work later, which means getting out later. And dealing with homework woes. Math is not a popular subject around here and I hear it. I’m just as bad at math so it’s not like I can even help them out much. My DS is good though. I’m sure there’ll come a day very soon when he’ll be helping them with their math homework.

Then there’s my editing. I’ve reached the halfway mark in editing Dreamer’s Sea. Now that doesn’t include critiques, which are coming in slowly. But at least I feel like I’m making good progress despite the things that take me away from it (pesky things like laundry and shopping and work).

I’ve been thinking of whether or not I’ll be attempting NaNoWriMo this year. I have an idea of a story I could write but it would be MEGA WORK. It’s a fantasy.

I guess it depends on where I am with Dreamer’s Sea by November 1st. I hope it’ll be finished. Fingers are crossed. I want it to be read by many agents (or just one) by November 1st.

Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “Half Way There And One More Day To Go

  1. I think you’re doing awesome, Ceri! Good news about the progress you’ve made in editing.Good luck in finding time to write and edit. Hope Math homework won’t be too much of a problem this school year.

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