MIA Again

And there’s no excuse.

Yes, I’ve been editing. Nearly done with the editing for Dreamer’s Sea, except for the crit process.

So, I ask, how much stock do/should writers put in critiques? I’m just afraid with this story that by waiting for the crit process to be finished I’ll be 89 years old and I’ll have to rewrite the whole thing. Well, maybe 45. It’s long book. So, should I depend on these critiques or just trust my own judgement and send it out when I my editing done?

I’m still waiting to hear from Harlequin Blaze regarding the status of That Kind Of Magic. Anytime now. Aaaanytime. Well, anytime between now and November.

Not much going on in my world. Kids are back to school and the projects are starting to pour in, as are school photos and soon fundraisers. Ca-ching!! I havent even recovered from school shopping.

Well, must be getting back to what I do to earn a paycheck. Not writing. yet.


2 thoughts on “MIA Again

  1. Glad you’re almost done with your editing for Dreamer’s Sea. I think you have to do both – consider what your critique partners say but still go with your own gut feeling about your book, too. I hate for you have to wait until you’re 89 though. LOL I hope you receive good news soon from HQ Blaze.

  2. Hi Ceri! Just stopping by for a quick hello and to give you a new blog address. I switched from Blogger to WordPress and this is the new addy — I hope you’ll update your link. :)http://nancybond.wordpress.com Later!

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