NaNo Coming Soon!

Though I’m still not 100% sure I’ll participate, I’m still thinking about story ideas. I have a few.

I have a question though. I have a Part Two of a trilogy I’ve wanted to work on. Part One is pretty much done though it needs major work. I started working on Part Two a few years back. I really like the story and want to continue with it. So, would it be cheating to start this one fresh? I’m not talking picking up where I left off~that would be cheating. But I’d like to go in at a different angle. Same characters, same basic storyline, just a few bits rearranged here and there. I’d really like to work on this. It would either be a stand alone story or I’ve considered making it one long book broken into three parts.

Okay, onto other news…. I finished first round of edits on Dreamers Sea. I have to send it off to a friend to look over it. I’m still in the process of submitting chapters to my crit group, but that is going to take looong time to get every chapter critiqued (I’m on chapter 4 of about 32 chapters). So I may scratch that idea and attempt it on my own.

Not that I’ll get much done over the next few days. The landlord is having new windows installed in our building. I have to make sure there’s nothing near any of the windows. I just love moving furniture.

Okay, off I go. Nearly time to call it a day.


3 thoughts on “NaNo Coming Soon!

  1. If you’re starting fresh, I don’t think it’s cheating. Rules say you can do as much pre-work as you want. Consider the old one pre-work!And, yeah… crit groups don’t work for me much anymore. They just take too long. I prefer having one or two folks I can send an entire draft to.Good luck!

  2. I agree – if you’re starting from scratch, even if you have the storyline in your head already, all the writing is new. I would be no different than writing an outline before NaNo starts. 🙂 Go for it!

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