Week From Hell

Thank God it’s behind me. I don’t want a repeat. It started off with all our windows being replaced which meant moving furniture in everyroom. That was a two day affair, followed quickly by a new heater being installed. More moving of furniture, more people in and out of the place. I had sick kids, one trip to the doctor for one of them, I was sick, and we had a 2 day yard sale to deal with (I made a whoppin 23.00). Oh, and Friday was the one year anniversary of my father’s death. Did I get any writing done?

Yah, riiiight.

So, I’m hoping that this week will be a little calmer. I have to rewrite the beginning of Dreamers Sea YET again (one of these days I’ll get it right), write my synopsis and maybe just maybe by the end of the week I’ll be ready to send a query out on it.

Oh please, powers that be… give me a quiet week. (excuse me while I laugh)

And no word from Harlequin Blaze yet.


2 thoughts on “Week From Hell

  1. I’m sorry… ((hugs))And, I don’t do yard sales anymore. They aren’t worth the headache. I donate to Goodwill and take the tax writeoff instead.I hear HQ can take a while on their final decisions, but MAN it must be tough to wait!! Good luck.

  2. I didn’t make any money the last time I had a yard sale so I do what Marianne does and haul it to St. Vincent DePaul or Goodwill. I hope you have a great week, Ceri! Sorry about the past few days and hope everyone is better now. I’ve heard from published HQ authors that they had to wait a long time. Hope you hear good news soon.

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