To NaNo Or Not To NaNo… that is the question

I’ll probably wait til the last minute to decide. I have to weigh the projects I have going against starting something new. Currently I’m still working on Dreamers Sea (this was my 2006 NaNo project), but I’m thiiiisss close to finishing it. Just have to rewrite the beginning and then I’m going to send it off to another pair of eyes and I’ll write my synopsis. Then it’s agent time! I should, if I concentrate, be done with this in no time. Right?

Yeah, how often does THAT happen? Life always throws something in my path.

But the good news is that I’m not expecting any visitors, no people in to do work on the house, no appointments outside the house for a while. So there’s no excuse not to get the deal done. Well, except for Wednesday when I have to go pick up our new dining room table and a new chair. There is that.

Otherwise my calendar is clear for the rest of the month.

So while I’m inspired and have my DS document open I’m going to go work on it.


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