I’m so proud of myself. I made myself two collages, one for Dreamer’s Sea

And one for my NaNo story which is so far untitled.

I really like being able to do this. Like the visuals. Now I need to do one for the sequel to Sweet Forever.

But Marianne’s are still prettier


3 thoughts on “Collages

  1. wow, you’re fast. I just made them bigger, but they’re still small. I think that putting them as wallpaper is an excellent idea.2 weeks… Yikes!! Now if only my dream about that 9400.00 advance would come true!

  2. Ceri,I love your collages. I recognize the guy (can’t think of his real name) who played Denny on Grey’s Anatomy. I hated it when he died. I should use him as a hottie for my site. I’ve never done a collage for my stories – I should. I can see how it would be helpful and fun.

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