What Can Go Wrong….

********WARNING!!!! *********

Yesterday was just super. Got some writing done, ordered a new 8 gig flash drive for only 20.00 from Radioshack, made a really good dinner. Coffee maker broke down… (there’s nothing worse than pouring a cup of coffee and discovering it looks more like tea). I had a spare floating around that was supposed to sell at a yard sale. Yeah, except it didn’t have any filters. So I had to make do with an incorrect filter and hope it works. Oh, and our van has a serious flat.

Why not? This coming on a day that both my DH and I need to be going in seperate directions.

Just one more expense we don’t need.

And I had to replace my phone yesterday. Ca-ching. We’re not the kind (you know, the smart kind) of people who buy the extra insurance. No, we like living on the edge. Had we bought the insurance I wouldn’t have had to pay full price. And even the most stripped down model is pretty pricey. With luck it’ll be here Monday.

Watch my phone show up on Sunday.

And last but not least, speaking of insurance, our beautiful big screen tv isn’t working properly anymore. We had to play switcheroo with a few other tvs, but I’m sad. It was such a nice tv.

Now if only that dream about me receiving that 9400.00 would come true.

I promise the next post will be less complaining

OH OH OH!!! But before I go, just one more. In the apartment we live in we’ve had a serious problem with other tenants. The landlord keeps finding these young people who make the place seem more like a frat house. We thought we had it made, finally had some nice people, everyone was friendly. Then the unit next door was empty. Nice 3 bedroom apartment. Did he find a family to put in there? The nice lady with the minivan who looked at it? No. I’ve got a couple 20 something guys there now. Okay, I won’t judge them yet, but I’m being very pessimistic about this right now.

I need my own house!


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