On The Brink

Yes folks, tomorrow is the big day. I’m really not pleased that November is starting on a Saturday. I actually find weekends the most difficult time to write. If I get up early to get something done I’m generally followed by my DH who loves to chit chat. And I work a full day on Saturday. And Sunday we need to paint. No, every November should begin on Monday.

I’m really looking forward to this story. While I had a touch of the paranormal in Dreamer’s Sea, this one will have a full fledged haunting. Been watching Ghost Hunters for my tips. Diane Craver has my hero up as her Hottie Of The Week.

Speaking of Dreamer’s Sea, I’ve decided that it’s in NO WAY done. I thought it would be easier than it would be, but of course I’ve been distracted lately. I did hear back from one of the agents I queried. A polite no thank you but good luck form letter. Okay, I’m not bummed (well, a little) but I don’t wear rose colored glasses either. I would not be surprised if I fall flat on my face with these three agents.
Someone will love it. There’s an agent for me out there somewhere!

I missed a lot of writing time yesterday with an unexpected trip to the doctor. My calf has been hurting with a cramp like ache for a day and a half so I had to check it out because of the worry of blood clots. Had an ultrasound done on it. Thank goodness its all clear. Still sore but no iminent death lurking down there. Then I had to do laundry. Blah. I need to be rich so I can hire someone else to do that stuff.

Okay, time to get to editing.


One thought on “On The Brink

  1. I’m thankful that your calf is fine. Btw, my hubby decided to visit my blog and saw my hottie. He never visits my blog and was a bit jealous. LOL Good luck with NaNo. And I’m sure you’ll get an agent. It just takes time like everything else in this business.

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