I’m up to 7451 at the end of my third day of NaNo. I’m pretty darned pleased.

While I’m not blown over by the story, I really like the characters and I’m drooling over my model for the hero (see Diane’s blog for more of Jeffrey Dean Morgan). I have to get them in a few scenes together, but I’m about to give them one right now. Okay, so he’s quite a bit older than she is, but that should be okay.

Tomorrow I may have problems maintaining my momentum. It is, after all (for those who haven’t been paying attention), election day. And it’s Parent/Teacher conference day. All the schools in our district are closed and having these meetings. What a joy to have to schedule 3 meetings at 2 different schools. Fun fun.

Well, I’ve been hearing bad things from the new neighbors. I tell ya, from how I talk people must think I live in a dive in a horrible neighborhood. I really don’t. I live in a nice neighborhood. My landlord just makes bad decisions as to who he rents his units out to. We got a really nice young couple, artsy, polite, just pleasant. Apparently they haven’t been too impressed with the young guys who just moved in. They live directly underneath these guys and they’re very loud at any time of the day. My DH hears them tramping up and down the stairs at all hours and apparently there was an incident with a girl acting a little, um, strange (to say the least) in less than appropriate clothing…. much less, and she was outside on our front porch.

Ugh. So the nice couple are planning on moving out.

It just makes no sense.

Anyhue…. 42549 words to go on NaNo. That means I need to average 1575 per day.

Piece o’ cake!


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