I’m Getting There

Up to 17103 words now and the day is young. I’m not finding it difficult to keep up the pace despite the challenges every day. Everyone seems to understand, so that helps. Marianne was commenting on her blog the other day that when her husband is home he interrupts her flow of writing. Mine does the same. I know that HE knows how important writing is to me, knows that I could have a decent future in writing, yet he still has no problem with interrupting me with the little things.

His latest is the raffle tickets. Our local paper has about 2 dozen raffle forms for turkeys. He wants me to fill them all out and then go out and drop them off at all the businesses that are participating. Doesn’t he understand??? That’ll take me away from my writing for too long!

Well, at least the kids understand NaNo

I’ve given my heroine a five year old daughter as well as her seven month old. It really works well for getting my H and h closer. Eventually I’ll go back and add her in the first 10k words but for now she’s just appeared at lunch one day. I’ve also changed my heroine’s name four times. I wanted to give her a name from mythology, something really odd but something that could be shortened to make a good nickname. I came up with Arianrhod, a Welsh goddess. Or Ari for short. Should work.

Until I change my mind again.

Only 32897 words to go. 1371 per day.

I can still do this.


2 thoughts on “I’m Getting There

  1. BEcause he can’t fill out the tickets? He doesn’t know your name? Address?Oy.. sorry, was dealing with this same problem with another friend whose DH was being oblivious as well.Let’s put them all in a room together and lock the door.

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