Getting There….

Last year on this day I was only at 11K on my NaNo project. Right at this moment I’m up to 20, 389 words and I’m determined to finish this challenge! I’m liking the story and though it’s rather bare bones right now I think I can fill it out to something nice. My heroine is falling for the hero slowly and I think I’ll have them do something that she’ll think she regrets. And I’m looking forward to introducing her jerky ex.

I nearly removed her seven month old baby from the story, but I need her (not to mention I felt guilty at the thought of getting rid of her character). But I do think the baby will need some day care.

I wish I could keep writing but I should stop to make breakfast. My DH is still in bed. He had a flu shot Thursday and immediately got the flu. Yeah, that worked well. Oldest DD is off at a cheerleading competition for the day and we’re supposed to be visiting the in laws. No, I want to sit here at my desk and write another 10k.

My neighbors had a party last night. 10:30 pm there’s a bunch of girls outside chatting then they went in and it was pretty loud. I feel bad for the people down below them. I could’ve been evil and called the cops but I didn’t. Anyway, they had three cars parked out in the road all night long. They all have parking tickets now (winter parking ban in effect). That’s sweet.


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