A Day Of Rest

Well, not really, but it was a day away from writing anyway. Except for some notebook writing, I stayed away from NaNo yesterday.

But I did help make Whoopie Pies, chili, go to the grocery store twice (which is a long trip since we have no grocery store within 20 minutes of home) and did a Walmart run. Ca-ching. I can’t believe how expensive groceries are getting! At least gas prices are going down, but still…wow. We made the executive decision to get rid of our water cooler rental and buy one of our own. We don’t have good drinking water from our tap so we go for bottled but it’s one expense that isn’t a necessity (well, we have lots of those, but this is the easiest to give up.

So, I’ve lost a day, but my word count is at 37546 currently so I’m not in bad shape. 12454 words to go in 14 days. So I need to average 889 words a day. I can do that easily. Oops…. I shouldn’t get cocky.

On other fronts I’ve been brainstorming with a friend regarding whats to be done about Dreamer’s Sea. I’m planning on leaving it alone for now because just thinking of the overhaul it needs makes me want to crawl under the covers and hide. It means taking one of my secondary characters and giving him a much bigger role in the story, which also means changing his personality from cold elitist jerk to absent minded cold elitist jerk and I’m not sure that will go together.

So I’m not going to worry about it right now. I have a few minutes to write, so I’m going to make an attempt to shave off some of my average words per day.


One thought on “A Day Of Rest

  1. I hate doing a massive character overhaul, because you have to analyze every single word in the story to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to change it. I’d be crawling under the covers, too, lol.You’re doing AWESOME on NaNo!!!

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