I’m so excited!! I have my very first book trailer for Sweet Forever.

Thank you so much Marianne and Judy at Goddess Fish Promotions. I absolutely love it!


In other news, yesterday was another washout of a writing day. I got a few hundred words written but most of my day was dedicated to running kids around, doing laundry and making cookies.

Did I mention how much I hate baking? And now I have to make Whoopie Pies to replace the inedible ones my SD made. Not that she did a bad job, but we discovered too late that there was a problem with the shortening. What a waste.

But I still won’t worry. I’m almost to 40K and I’m feeling pretty good about finishing. Of course, I could be setting myself up for a fall.

How did it get to be 5:30am so quickly? Of course I could’ve gotten more writing done this morning if my DH hadn’t been so chatty. Yesterday I hid out in the dark dining room, but this time he was there. Talked winter jackets and other mundane things until he wandered off to bed at nearly 5am.

So much for that hour of quiet that I so desperately need in the morning.

Now I have to get ready for work.

Oh, word count is 38615, which means 11385 words left over 12 days. 949 words per day to complete the task.
I’m still saying piece o’ cake!!


3 thoughts on “BOOK TRAILER!!!!

  1. A book trailer, how exciting! Mucho congrats!I think you’re doing a great job with NaNo. Less than a thousand words a day to hit the mark? You can do that, no problem! I have faith in you. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday. Hope you find time to work on the new book. Me? I’m planning to give mine plenty of time to grow. That is, unless life intrudes…and we know that could very well happen. šŸ™‚

  2. Why is it our DHs don’t understand the neccessity of time? I think it’s partly because they only see the hourly wage, and ours (as writers) is pathetically small at this time. That could all change though, when HQ Blaze offers you a contract!!:-D

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