Monday Meme and home for a few minutes

1. Thanksgiving is this week! Where are you going? Besides eat, what do you do on Thanksgiving? Do you have any family traditions you’d like to share with us? Don’t forget to take pictures! (You’ll be asked to show them next Monday! This will also prove handy for Coffee Chat!)
This year Thanksgiving will just be DH and two of our kids and I. Two kids will be going to other places. Usually we go to my sister in law’s who puts on a big spread, but my mom is out of town this year, down in Texas with my brother, sister and their families. We’ll have a belated Thanksgiving on Sunday with my in-laws (due to my m-i-l’s work schedule). Don’t know whether we’ll have turkey or not. Maybe we’ll do a pot roast. And no, don’t think we’ll take pictures.
2. What is your favorite gadget? Why is it your favorite? If money was not an object, what gadget would you buy for yourself?
I love my mp3 player. I listen to it at work every day (need my favorite talk radio show fix) It’s not fancy, just a Sony Walkman that holds about 300 songs and has a radio. Can’t afford an iPod and I don’t really feel like I need one. I have a pretty basic phone. It does take pictures, but I could probably do without if I absolutely have to. If I had to have a gadget…. hmm… no, can’t really think of anything that I really really really want. Maybe a new digital camera.
3. You’ve been chosen to be a contestant on “Survivor” and you leave in 6 weeks. How will you spend the next 6 weeks to prepare for the challenge?
I haven’t watched the show, so I’d probably spend 6 weeks figuring out how I could get out of going. I’m not into these weird survival, eating bugs and swinging on ropes over 500 pits. I’d do much better, as another blogger says, on Biggest Loser (and I have thought about it).
4. How many times a week do you visit the ATM machine? Do you normally carry a lot of cash?
A few times a week. Usually to get lunch money for DH. No, I don’t carry around a lot of cash. I dont’ have a credit card, I do have a debit card and I prefer it that way. I’ve had issues in the past and I have no wish to go there again.
I’m home for a little while, just til my son gets home from school. I’m very pleased with myself actually. Yesterday we spent most of the day at my mother’s house since she left crack o’ dawn yesterday for Texas. I came armed with only my laptop and my memory stick… which didn’t work with my laptop (argh) so I got a pad of paper and started writing. Later I grabbed an older memory stick from home and typed my fingers off. I’m pleased to say I’m up to 47848 words!! Woo hoo! Only 2152 to go!!! So yesterday I wrote over 3000 words. I know I have many many many words to go before this one is finished so even if I get to 50K by tomorrow, I probably will put it aside and get back to the Sweet Forever sequel.
As always, I’ve been thinking of different angles for Dreamer’s Sea. And I tossed around an idea which would COMPLETELY change the entire fabric of the story. Maybe the change would be too drastic and would render it unrecognizable as Dreamer’s Sea. But what I thought was writing it over again… in the first person and making it more humorous. I would have to drop some of the story lines, or at least change them a bit so I lose the drama queen tone.
Would I really want to do that to a manuscript that I’ve put so much into? Or just write something completely different. After all, I’m planning on participating in January NaNo with some writing friends. Even though it doesn’t have to be for new projects, maybe I could give it a shot.
But I have time to think about that. For now I just want to hit that 50K mark.
Well, the whole family, except for my oldest, has done the stomach flu thing. My lucky DH got it twice. Fun for all!! I just hope my oldest doesn’t get it. That would be horrible.
Nearly time to go back to my mother’s house.

One thought on “Monday Meme and home for a few minutes

  1. WOOT! On your word count… that’s awesome.I had massive amounts of editing, and would avoid changing POV on a story as long as DS… but that’s me. You have to do what you think is best 🙂

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