WELCOME 2009!!

At last it’s here! How many people are glad to see 2008 out of the way *raising hand*. Here’s to a better year! A year of lots of books being published!

So, I’ve officially begun JaNoWrMo, but it feels just like any other day. Same story, just keeping track of that word count. Actually I’m looking forward to this and moving on to the next one. And the next one…. and the next one. I think I have 4 manuscripts altogether that I want to work on.

Yesterday I sent That Kind Of Magic down to New York. Kensington should have it no later than Monday. So mark your calendars, three months from the 5th. Eek, that’s a long time. Good vibes. I need good vibes!

It’s 5:13am. I didn’t stay up until midnight. Made it to about 10:30. I’m not the midnight type anymore. Maybe after the kids are grown and gone I’ll get my second wind, but for now I need my sleep. For now I’m the only one awake, so I’m heading back to the writing. Almost done with Forever Home!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!


One thought on “WELCOME 2009!!

  1. Good luck with Kensington!!! Just try not to think about it, and the time will pass (I know, easier said than done).Good luck with JaNo — I started writing, and then got hung up on a bunch of new characters. I need to write them down before I forget who is who!

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