Super Sunday

Ding Dong the kids go back to school.. La la la. lala la la.

Tomorrow, that is. They’ve been out for 24 days (including weekends)! Holy frijoles! Two of them have decided they want to be homeschooled. Yah, as if. My third is estatic (I found her crying over her yearbook last week because she missed her friends so much).

And DH goes back to work tomorrow. He’s only been out since Dec 23rd.

And things in the Hebert household will go back to normal.

I’ve been working hard on Forever Home and I’m in the “home” stretch right now. If I can just sit here at my computer for the rest of the day I know I can finish it. Just one more scene to go and then the epilogue AND I’LL BE DONE!!!!!! *doing the my book is done dance*

But no rest for the wicked. Immediately after the conclusion of Forever Home I’ll be diving into another wip. I have three to chose from. My fantasy “The Wolf And The Dove”, my Blaze-like wip “Going Going Gone” or my possible short story “Best Man”.

Maybe I’ll work on all three.

First, though, I have bunches of laundry to do. Want to get it all out of the way in time for school to start. I really truly want my own washer and dryer. Then I can do it all. But I’ll have to settle for a pen and notebook and a place to sit at the laundramat and go from there.

Good day. It’s going to be a good day.

Unless you’re my kids.



2 thoughts on “Super Sunday

  1. Emily went back to college today. Sara and Amanda return tomorrow to camp and school. My hubby will still be home since he’s unemployed right now. But I’m with you, glad to get back on schedule. Everyone had the flu so far except Sara. Keeping fingers crossed that she doesn’t get it now. Congrats on FOREVER HOME – hope you find time to finish it!

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