Yeah Baby!!!

I’m THRILLED to announce that the first draft of Forever Home is DONE! I finished it last night. I am so happy! Nothing like finishing a manuscript. It came in at just over 91K words. I’m giving myself til the end of the month before I go back and start the editing process. This way I can continue on my JaNoWriMo projects so I can hit my 50k word goal. I’m up to just over 12k right now.

I’ve decided to go for the short story, after mulling over the possibilities in my head last night before going to bed. At least this will be a short one, I’m thinking maybe around 10-12k words. I’m already up to nearly 8k so I don’t have a long way to go. After that, don’t know. Either my Blaze like book or the fantasy. I’m thinking the fantasy. I really want to write the fantasy though it won’t really have the romance the others have.

But for now I’ll go for the short story.

And Yeah! Kids go back to school!!! *Happy Dance*


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