I’ve put aside my short story. Just wasn’t talking to me. In it’s place I started writing the fantasy. I’ve discovered that it’s a lot more work than a contemporary romance. I keep having to stop to look up bits of information. But it’s all worth it.

Here is the collage for the story.

So, I was feeling cruddy today so I stayed home. Decided to watch a movie, just a break from writing. Well, I had to chose the longest movie I could find. Sex In The City. I had no idea that it was sooooo long. I’ve decided that it’s too cynical for me. I like romances dripping with romance, not cynical movies where the shoes and the ridiculous clothes are more important than the romance.

But that’s just me.

Oh joy, more snow and ice and sleet and freezing rain tomorrow! What a winter we’ve had so far!


2 thoughts on “Next

  1. I just watched the movie Sex and the City last weekend and was disappointed. But my daughter said it was because I had never watched the series. I guess paying $500 for a pair of shoes isn’t too interesting to me and didn’t care for the nudity in it.

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