Another Day At Home

This cold is just stomping me into the ground. It’s been over a week and I’m not much better off. I hate colds. I’d rather have a 3 day stomach flu than a week and half cold like this.


And I’ve had kids home nearly every day since last week. Various kids in various combinations. Today my stepdaughter is going to be home for the second time this week. Today is my son’s first day in school all week. Crazy.

Since I’m stuck at home I’m going to try to take advantage and get some writing done. Oh, I’ve switched wips again. Going Going Gone wasn’t doing anything for me so I’m not back at work on my 2008 NaNo project. I wouldn’t mind finishing it, I think it has potential.

I’ve also been brainstorming Dreamer’s Sea plot changes with a friend. I’m adding a major character who will change a lot of the story, so there’s going to be MAJOR rewrites to be done. But I think it’ll make a huge difference. At least I hope it will. But I won’t be digging into it until editing on Forever Home is done.

I’ll be busy until November at this rate! And that is a good thing.


3 thoughts on “Another Day At Home

  1. Sorry about the cold. Amanda has another one. Colds really are exhausting. Hope you feel better soon and get all the kids back to school next week. I’ll be emailing you soon!

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