Becareful What You Wish For…

Did I mention that I hate Mondays? I think I mentioned that.

I hate Mondays.

First of all we found out that a co-worker, a wonderful woman who is always in good spirits and always makes everyone smile, fell on some bleachers at her grandson’s hockey game this weekend and fractured a vertabrae in her lower back. We haven’t got the details, but it’s just horrible. A few years ago she had a knee replacement and was out for months and months. This is going to be a long road for her.

Then some other stuff we’d been expecting/dreading happened. A coworker, who started working the same day I did (nearly 6 years ago) was laid off, her position terminated. Like so many other companies out there we’re in dire straits and a number of people company wide (we have offices in Illinois and a warehouse in another part of the state) were laid off. The warehouse will be closed, an entire office in IL will be closed, we will be consolidating 2 floors into one where we are, and we will no longer be open on Saturdays.

So all that complaining about only having one day off a week. Can’t complain anymore. I’ll have to adjust my schedule at work so I can squeeze an extra 8 1/2 hours into 5 days and still be able to get home for my kids.

I still have my job too. For that I’m grateful for.

And I’ll have a normal 2 day weekend.

Now I have to get into some editing. Never know when they’ll downsize some more…


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