Happy Monday

How many people hate Mondays? Show of hands. I know I do.

Put it down to the fact that I only have one day off a week. Sunday flies by and way too soon for me it’s Monday and that means the start of another six day work week. It’s starting to wear on me even though I’ve been doing it for at least the past 2 years. But, the one advantage to this schedule is that I get out of work 5 days a week by 1:30pm (even though I start at 7am). I do like being home so early in the afternoon.

But man I miss a 2 day weekend.

Writing and editing has been going pretty well. Been meeting my JaNoWriMo goal every day and I’ve only got 100 pages left of first round editing on Forever Home. I have been, however, been doing more reading than editing. I really like the story. A lot. Maybe more than Sweet Forever even though my hero isn’t as romantic as the SF hero. I’m still wondering where to send it. Probably Samhain even though I’ve been trying to make it a stand alone story.

Okay, explain this. Yesterday at this time the temperature was 45 degrees. Right now it’s 22 degrees. That’s quite the drop. But we’re going to get more warm, but wet, weather later in the week. I hope it stays warm. We actually got through a week with no school cancellations, no major storms. I want to keep it like that for the rest of the winter. I’m so ready for spring even though that will go hand in hand with black flies and mud.

Ah, New England.


3 thoughts on “Happy Monday

  1. Yeah, yesterday you could almost do without a jacket.Sounds like you are moving along on your edits. Does it help to set a timeline or a daily limit? I have not done that yet?D

  2. Our weather’s warmer now. It’s great because most of the snow and ice has melted. That’s wonderful that you’re excited about your story Forever Home. I hope you get to submit it soon. I submitted Mallory to TWRP – keep your fingers crossed for me. They give their inspirational romance authors a lot of support.

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