Oh Editing

I decided since I did so well on my “new” word count yesterday that I’d concentrate on editing this morning. I’m at that very tedious stage of removing “junk” words like “that” and “just” and “really”. Such a long project, finding one little word in a 91K document and removing the ones that don’t belong. I’m only on my second word. Boy I use a lot of “that”s.

Doesn’t help that I’m having those days when the kids have different activities in the afternoon that require me to drive them. No one can coordinate their times either. Today will be much of the same. Tomorrow… much of the same… and then we’ll be to the weekend, and it’ll be, you got it, much of the same.

I’m NOT going to say that I need to do my writing full time. After what happened earlier in the week, I might just get my not-wish.

I’ll put that down to a someday kind of wish. When I’m able to sustain myself financially by just my writing.

I love Louis Armstrong.


3 thoughts on “Oh Editing

  1. I had an editor who disliked the use of “it” and would make me go back and change 90% of them to an actual noun of some sort.To be honest, it strengthened the story and my writing, but I complained like crazy about it (see.. IT).

  2. That’s great you are removing the garbage words – soon it will be ready to submit. I’m excited for you. I hope you get a great contract. Sorry about the job situation. I understand about the driving part. All of our kids played sports and I was the one driving them to every practice and game. But it’s harder for you with your schedule, I know. I hope you can quit your job sometime and write full-time. But when you are ready, not because of downsizing. I’ve been looking for a job, not any luck. I should’ve kept teaching and wouldn’t be in this position now.

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