So, here’s my question

Do I send in my submission to Samhain with the synopsis and three chapters today or do I wait another several days (all depends on how much time I can get to work) and get the entire manuscript finished and send in a full, which is, while not necessarily, certainly preferred?

I really want to get this out today.

Marianne, this is for you…..


2 thoughts on “So, here’s my question

  1. I’m thinking you should wait until you are ready to send the full ms. to your editor. Like Marianne suggested, do what your editor prefers. Hey, Ceri, I want to use one of your books for a giveaway in March to cont. celebrating small press month. I’ll email you later this weekend about it. I buy the ebook for the winner. I’m going to list a few titles and the winner gets to choose one.

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