So This Is What I’m Gonna Do

Edit the whole thing and send it out when it’s finished. Thanks to everyone for setting me straight. Sometimes I get too impatient for things to happen. But I’ll give myself a maximum of one more week. I don’t think that should be a problem. I’m highly motivated. Right now, besides the editing, I just need to write a blurb. Ugh.

In the meantime I’ve turned my attentions to working on a shortish story (I’m aiming for about 10-12K). It’s a bit quirky for me. I’m typically a drama queen when it comes to my writing style, except when I write in first person. This one will be in first person about a middle aged woman who wakes up one morning in her twenty-three year old body and gets a chance to do it all again. It’s called Do Overs. I just need to decide if she’ll end up with the same man she married the first go-round or if there’s someone else out there for her. Should be fun.

I’m am enjoying my first Saturday off. Okay, so I didn’t sleep in. I woke early and thought about the writing that needed to get done. Oh well.

Todays music video is Lauren & I by Celtic Thunder


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