And It’s Outta Heeerrrreeeee

Yes, that’s right, Forever Home is now in the arms of the editors at Samhain Publishing. I managed, after the forceful removing of fistfuls of hair, to write my blurb and got all my t’s dotted and i’s crossed (yes, my eyes were definitely crossed by the time I was done) but I did it. Normally it’s a 12-16 week wait but since I’m a Samhain author I go to the head of the line (well, behind all the other Samhain authors with submissions). I’m psyched!


In other news, Conant High School Class of 1984 is rumbling. There’s talk about a 25th year reunion this summer. Yes 25. As in a QUARTER of a century!!! Excuse me… I feel faint. Now my class, God love ’em, was always the most deadbeat class in school. We had zero motivation. My brother’s class trip went to Montreal Canada. We went to Hampton Beach. I’m wondering what kind of reunion we can pull off. Nah, I think we’ve got a little better over the years.

Not sure I’m going to go. I probably will. My BBF is going. We’re kind of the Romy and Michelle types (minus the quirky fashions but with a little more brains). So, I know my DH won’t go. He doesn’t like to socialize, so I guess I’ll have to go solo.

If I go.

Oh, I have to get some writing done. Except for my 200 word blurb, I haven’t got anything new done.

Just glad I don’t have to worry about Forever Home… for now.


2 thoughts on “And It’s Outta Heeerrrreeeee

  1. Good luck with your submission!I’m class of ’84, too — but my school is on the other coast. **sigh**I went to my ten year and had a blast. And, if I ever live on the west coast again, I’ll attend a reunion (maybe my 30th? And OMG when did I get to be so old?).Hope you go. Bet you’ll enjoy it!

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