How Cool!

Happy March everyone! Spring is on it’s way. Of course we have to get through another 5-12 inches of snow that is scheduled to fall tonight into tomorrow. Great. Kids will probably lose yet another day of school.

Anyway, this morning as I lay in bed, my mind was working on a new story idea. I was mentally going through my flash drive of bits and pieces of stories but couldn’t come up with anything that would work. Yesterday my DH reformatted my computer and I saved a bunch of stuff from my hard drive onto my flash drive and this morning, low and behold, I found an entire folder of prompts that I did several years ago. New ideas, fresh for the pickin’! Well, there’s no guarantee that the next one is in there, but I’m pleased to have rediscovered them after all this time.

Nice little morning treat.

Don’t know how much writing I’ll get done today. Must go to my mom’s and then take oldest daughter to her bus. She’s heading north to the White Mountains for NH Special Olympics. So everyone wish her luck! She always has an awesome time up there. That’s the main thing.

Off I go. Need to get breakfast.


3 thoughts on “How Cool!

  1. Actually, snow shoeing is her sport at the Olympics. She’s been snow shoeing since the third grade.So if they forgot snow shoes she’d be sitting on the sidelines.

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