In Like A Lion

Here was my walk to work this morning… I didn’t drive because my van was under a foot of snow and it would take longer for me to dig it out than to walk down the street to work. So I trudged through the driving snow. Such dedication. We got over a foot here.
I’m sick of snow.
But my oldest is probably loving it. She’s up in Waterville Valley, NH snow shoeing her little heart out.
Before I delve into editing I had to show my son the original Land Of The Lost. Man it was bad. I can’t believe that it’s being remade.
Watching a Land of the Lost clip led to Sigmund the Sea Monster which led to H R Puffinstuff…. which led to insanity!!! I can’t believe we watched that stuff growing up (not that the shows these days are much better).
I won’t torture anyone by posting a clip of any of these shows.
Bugs Bunny was far superior.

4 thoughts on “In Like A Lion

  1. Oh I can’t believe I used to LOVE H.R. Pufnstuff. I thought Jack Wilder was just the cutest thing ever. What was I thinking?

  2. Spring is about 18″ down. It’ll be here. Soon. Don’t worry, Barb, we were all thinking that way. I loved HR Puffinstuff.. and Banana Splits. Oh, there were so many shows. Land of the Lost was a must see. The new movie actually sounds amusing.

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