Too Many Projects Not Enough Time

I’m in the mood to write. I have so many projects waiting for me, so many I could easily spend the rest of my day… rest of my week sitting here and I still wouldn’t get through them all. But unfortunately I have to give eight hours to my other job. I am very grateful for that other job right now, believe me, but it frustrates me when I want nothing more than to work on a good story when the juices are flowing.

Picking the right project to work on is another tough decision. I always go through this after I complete and submit a manuscript. It takes me a week or two to settle on the next. I’m working on a short story that’s going well. I’m about 4K away from being finished with it. Then I have a first draft 0f a full lenght that needs editing and two others that need tlc. The problem is not knowing which one I’d be better off working on. I’ve been wanting to work on a horse oriented story again, so I think that’s the one I’m going to pick up. I’m already 25K into it and it’s solid and has potential.

I just hate when I second guess myself.


My oldest will be back this afternoon so the house will be back to normal with four bouncing kids. I’m back on the house kick. I’ve requested a showing at a house here in my town. It’s small, and with the price as low as it is, there could be some problems with it, but it’s here so the kids wouldn’t have to switch schools and the monthly mortgage would be less than what we’re paying now. I can deal with small if it’s mine! It would be a start anyway. I’m so ready to move.


3 thoughts on “Too Many Projects Not Enough Time

  1. How funny-I’m feeling just the same way about writing. I hope it carries into next week, when I’m on Spring Break! I can’t so much as jot a note at work these days, it’s that busy!

  2. I completely understand how you feel about the writing. I love it that you’ve got things on the back burner, just waiting to be picked up!Sending good thoughts your way about the house. I hope it works out for you.

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