Time To Move Along

Okay, so I’ve gone through my first round of edits on my “No Going Back” (working title, it really has nothing to do with the story), which was my 2008 NaNo project. I’m pretty pleased with it, except for the timeline (which I always have issues with), but it may work. now it’s time to send it off to my wonderful critter so she can go through it and ask me her questions and fix my punctuation. She’s an awesome partner. The questions are especially helpful because if there’s a hole in the story somewhere, she’ll find it. Best to find it before I send it off somewhere.

Anyway, now that that’s done, I’m not sure what to move on to. I’m still working on my 2007 NaNo, but that is mainly new writing. I like to have two projects going at once. I have “Do Overs” which is my short story that needs editing, but I’m not as confident about the sale-ability of that one. It’s not exactly a romance, and there’s only one, maybe two kisses. I thought of making that a “free read” on my webpage. I’ll see how I feel after I edit.

Then there’s my trilogy (or 3 part book) that needs me.

I’m very pleased to be busy!!


One thought on “Time To Move Along

  1. Personally, having too much to write would feel pretty good.I usually squeeze an article in here and there, but if I’m not on my WIP then I write nothing.Can you kep track of your characters?DPS – Are you going to the National RWA conference?

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