Gauging Progress

Well, I’m not sure how to go about this.

I’ve started editing a wip I’ve had around for a long time. While this will include mainly editing material I’ve already written, I’m also adding a bunch to it and changing a lot. Doing a lot of cutting and pasting (I think it’s easier to do this rather than trying to do the changes/additions within the original document). How in the world am I going to track my daily new word count? I’m sure I’ll be able to get in 500 new words a day with this manuscript, but I’m just not sure how to track it.

Oh, and my head aches from all the head hopping in the original manuscript! Who do I think I am, anyway?? I really thought I knew better. Guess not. So that needs to be corrected. I compare this wip to a fixer-upper house. Has a lot of potential, but needs A LOT of work.

Unfortunately it’s Monday and my writing time will be sadly minimized.

And it’s going to be cold today! What’s up with that?? It’s spring! Flowers are supposed to be blooming! The sun is supposed to be shining and it’s supposed to be warm! But we got snow yesterday. Not a lot, but it was still white and it was still falling from the sky.

Not funny.


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