Growing A Garden….Is It Just Cruel?

Seriously. I just kill plants. Why would a veggie patch be any different? Luckily for all involved, especially the harmless lives of the tomato, pea, and corn plants, they’ll be living at my mother’s house and she has a green thumb. But I can just hear them shrieking with terror at my approach.

I really need to read up on gardening. We want to grow corn. Can you buy corn that’s already starting to grow, or is this something you start growing from a seed (in a hole with a dead fish)? If my mom was smart she’d make me my own “special” garden that’s always green and healthy….and plastic. I’d probably never know the difference.

I tell ya, this is definitely going outside my comfort zone.


Despite a busy weekend the writing is coming along pretty well. I miss having something to edit, but that’ll come eventually. For now I’m giving my attention to The Staying Kind, which is/was my 2007 NaNo project. I never made it to 50K with it, but I’m almost there now. It’s turning into a relatively steamy project, but I have to make sure there’s plenty of sigh-inducing romance, which is difficult when my heroine doesn’t believe in love and romance. My hero is working on that though.

My mind, though, is on how to make Dreamer’s Sea into something viable. Marketable. Need that strong oompf. Right now it’s just a calm ride, but who wants to read that? But I’m not going to rush it. Still have SK and another one that needs more editing.

Now I have to get ready for a fun filled day of work.

But now for something to make you laugh.


6 thoughts on “Growing A Garden….Is It Just Cruel?

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  2. I do the flower gardens and hubby plants the vegetables!You always inspire me with all your writing projects – you’re doing great – keep up the good work!

  3. It is very interesting for me to read the article. Thanx for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to this matter. I definitely want to read more soon.

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