I’m feeling completely and utterly frustrated!

I’m feeling bored with my current wip so, upon recommendation, should find something else to work on. Problem is I’m not “into” any of my wips. Maybe I’m just needing a bit of a writing break. I hate taking breaks though. I want to write through it, but when I’m in this frame of mind I’m too easily distracted.

So, maybe I’ll give myself today to rest and plunge in tomorrow with something. But what, I don’t know. My “problem” is that I have several wips that I can work on, wips that have lots of potential if I could just get going on them.

Maybe hypnosis would work.


On the submission front: No word from Samhain yet regarding Forever Home. Wish I would hear back because I can’t submit anything else to them while I have something already submitted.

And then there’s Kensington. Kensington Kensington Kensington.

I discovered that the editor I submitted That Kind Of Magic to left Kensington in February and apparently didn’t hand off to anyone else. Who knows what happened to it. I have an email into another editor to find out for sure, but I’ll probably have to resubmit it, and that means ANOTHER 3 month wait.

Or I could just send it somewhere else. Problem is that it’s a hard story to place. It’s paranormal… sort of… not enough of a paranormal for it to fit into a real paranormal catagory, but not really contempory.



So, off I go to make dinner and figure out what wip I’ll go with next.


3 thoughts on “Frustration!

  1. Don’t you hate writing outside the box? And, I’m with you — I can’t get excited about anything I’m working on right now. I know — let’s switch! You work on mine, and I’ll work on yours *G*

  2. Hey!A friend of mine said to resubmit to Kensington because it’s probably in a black hole.On the frustrated writing front, take some of the stuff you’ve posted and just flow with it. See if it will get you boosted. You’ll either write that and get further or the spirit will move you and you’ll go back and get your WIP where you want it.Of course, Marianne’s idea is very intriguing as well. :-)D

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